We’ll figure all this out
We’ll put an end to all our doubt
Try to find a way to just feel better now, and
We’ll live our lives out loud
We’ll be better off somehow

Cause sometimes we don’t really notice
Just how good it can get

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Hello, me?
Been abandoned for so long?

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Deep Forest

I’m sure there must be a heart I have left behind, hidden somewhere, lying among the trees, in the heart of deep forest.
People are tired, they have no strength to search, the heart finally disappeared into infinite darkness.
Could we still have seen if we were there? even if it’s just a little? It’s too small, I wonder if I can even see it.

As we live, we left many things in the past, and lose those things behind. Wrapped around in lies, we stand here voiceless and frozen, unable to cry out. But still we try to find the way out and search for the light of eternity.

Days are passing by, times are changing. We don’t even realize how blue the sky is, though it will remain the same every single day. However, we live the present.

We will ignore the risk, and running free from now. Fears are no longer be our limits. And we ready to take another chance. If we can find the rhythm of time, we will surely fly so high.

In search of the light,
I’m now ready to begin my journey with you.

-Do As Infinity-

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Little Wonders

Once again, Rob Thomas has done one of the most beautiful emotional song and lyrics. Yes, I talk about little wonders. Seems like this song has been stuck in my playlist for 24 hours and still won’t stop playing :). I don’t know why, it’s just suit to me right now (oh, rain, you got me!!) and it officially made me a poor-crybaby person (it’s OK, it can also make me smile at the same time :’)). It’s just amazing how this song can teach us how to appreciate every little things. And how it can remind me to many beautiful memories I have experienced.

It’s funny because the more I get older, the more precious memories that I long for when I was just simply enjoying my life. Past is something we can’t reach back. So sad to know that we can never get back to the moments we missed. Sounds pathetic, eh? :p

Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious… and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.

Because today will someday be the past, that’s how we should make beautiful journey onwards.

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Couple of Fantasy

I am a bit different from other girls. If you want to see me then wait in line. I am okay with everything except something that is more beautiful than me.

I don’t like nice angels. Since I am the main character. I am going to live as I want.

All the same things. I am not listening. I am going to live as I want. There is nothing wrong with it.

Yeah Yeah.. I know.. Don’t look at me like that. You just don’t like me. When I am just being honest. In fact. I am so sorry but, do I have to say that to you?

Someday, carefully I want to go to you. That’s me!
Don’t you know that?

–gwaen hi na man mi wuh hae–
(miss those episodes so bad)

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Where You Are

I called you late last night. Said you didn’t feel like talking. Had to blow off a little bit of steam. Said you were tired of feeling so up-tight.

You make me so blue. Oh, I get so lost inside of you, but I can not always find my way to where you are.

Oh, used to be so easy. Use to be so much fun. You say (yea) that was back when you belived in my love, but that things are not so simple now.

Oh, I’ve turned off the lights somehow, and
In the darkness you cannot always find your way to where I am.
Please don’t take your lights from me. Cause if you did, I would no longer be able to see. Please, can’t you see, I need you.

Choose me. Pick me. Take me. Oh I need to believe. Oh, no one else exsits for you now.
You are my home, and I have finally found my way. To where you are.

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Everyone is traveling their own road to reach their own destination. What is yours? If you ask what is mine, I will answer with “finding a key to open the box filled with gifts”. You don’t have to ask what kind of gifts you’ll get because you will surely find them in your journey. It is good to know if it will be the end of my quest. I hope you have the same destination as mine as we used to talk while sketching our future.

I don’t want us to walk in a different pattern. So Let’s join hands. And please give my eyes your smiling face while starting to walk. See? You look so good with that kind of expression.

Days are unfaded. It sometimes turns from joy to sad. from beautiful to fragile. from bright to stormy. Reborn continuously. Sometimes we lose each other’s hand. And I might get lost. But whenever I turn around I know you were there.  Everytime my heart get cold, the one who will always extend his helping-warm hands was…. you!

Everyone is travelling their own road. Wandering about in search of their own dreams. Let’s go together. Go until we get tired of it!

I know it doesn’t have any relation with my writing, but I do really love to listen to Your Song (sang by Ewan McGregor) I keep listening to the song while writing this. Soooo operatic!! You may say I’m a quite romantic person, uh.. well I guess so.. Uhm… Yeah.. maybe..? :p

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Yes!! It is much better to count my blessings.
One, you still move me
two, three, you send chills right through me
four, you keep me wanting more
five, when I look into your eyes
six, you’re my best friend
seven, that will never end
eight, nine, I don’t know why
but thank God it happens everytime
by the time I get to ten
I can see how blessed I’ve been.

*you can loose what you’re not thankful for*

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The Butterfly Effect

One word: Universe.

It’s so funny to imagine how a very small thing can cause or can deal with a very great scale of changing. Post-modern philosopher call it as a Chaos Theory or the Butterfly Effect.

Such an odd theory I might say, eh?

But who knows just because I listen to a song, I, then, think about this useless matter and note it down. Here, in my blog.

But surely I believe everything  is set not only by mere logic series. Destiny is not like we write 2, 4 and then 6 and then we simply know the next comes are 8, 10 and so on.  Yes, I’d rather believe in number pi; circle. Infinite but absolutely not!

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What’s to…. Think?

Maybe our fate did not set to begin
with some kind or bad story
maybe this was just a dream
maybe this was only my illusion

or maybe
it’s just me who sleep too long


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