A Title, Please…

as I stare at the limited skies, I always have no limits dream
as I race for the limited time, I long for no limits love


His words are always sweet, tender with his typical kindness, but taste no warmth. something cold lies within. even though she asks clearly, nothing good will appear, so she starts to close her eyes before the coldness freeze her heart, then choose to smile.

It’s okay, it’s a white lie.

all is going to seem strange because I saw you from the distance, I should move closer to get in.

Take my hand, love. Get in, right here beside me so I can see your eyes and find the truth within. And listen to me; “we can go to whatever place. no matter what kind of place we’ll go to visit, we will always find treasures to be owned. Because I hold what you once told me; it’s not about what place you will go to visit, it’s all about with whom you go”

I won’t be afraid, no matter how tired I am, how hard the trip and how narrow the paths would be, I surely know how to find a compass to lead; a heart.

And all is back to him to choose, will he be afraid to take the trip? because the road which they take will be too long.

whenever I think about this, I feel like I’m ready to leave from now, and find the treasures myself.

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