Master of the Wind

We are!
The Master of the Wind of our own life. In another phrase it means “the master of our own destiny, our own path to choose”.

It’s all about dreaming. If you feel like your dreams won’t come true and there is no hope for tomorrow, just remember the lines “for any day that stings, to better days it brings” that can also be translate into “every clouds have its silver lining”.
The dark clouds may pass above us and blocking the light of the sun, but we can see there in the edge of the clouds the sun is shining and make a beauty silver lining. Every bad (dark) situation has a good (bright) side. Here we say “nothing is as bad as it seems.”

And be sure that tomorrow is ours, because “there the road begins, where another one will end“. Yes! Time always change, time always move ahead! And so does time, the road will never ends. Even though it ends, we will always find ourself moving – walking – continuing – on a different road.

No need to worry because there will always a wind that brings fortunes to us. Lets strive for every of our dreams. The tunnel may have a lot of hardship but once we reach the light at the end, its all worth it. Gold is at the end of the rainbow; for each of us to find.

(Dedicated to the best silent metal ballad ever “Master of the Wind” by Manowar)

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