Everyone is traveling their own road to reach their own destination. What is yours? If you ask what is mine, I will answer with “finding a key to open the box filled with gifts”. You don’t have to ask what kind of gifts you’ll get because you will surely find them in your journey. It is good to know if it will be the end of my quest. I hope you have the same destination as mine as we used to talk while sketching our future.

I don’t want us to walk in a different pattern. So Let’s join hands. And please give my eyes your smiling face while starting to walk. See? You look so good with that kind of expression.

Days are unfaded. It sometimes turns from joy to sad. from beautiful to fragile. from bright to stormy. Reborn continuously. Sometimes we lose each other’s hand. And I might get lost. But whenever I turn around I know you were there.  Everytime my heart get cold, the one who will always extend his helping-warm hands was…. you!

Everyone is travelling their own road. Wandering about in search of their own dreams. Let’s go together. Go until we get tired of it!

I know it doesn’t have any relation with my writing, but I do really love to listen to Your Song (sang by Ewan McGregor) I keep listening to the song while writing this. Soooo operatic!! You may say I’m a quite romantic person, uh.. well I guess so.. Uhm… Yeah.. maybe..? :p

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