Deep Forest

I’m sure there must be a heart I have left behind, hidden somewhere, lying among the trees, in the heart of deep forest.
People are tired, they have no strength to search, the heart finally disappeared into infinite darkness.
Could we still have seen if we were there? even if it’s just a little? It’s too small, I wonder if I can even see it.

As we live, we left many things in the past, and lose those things behind. Wrapped around in lies, we stand here voiceless and frozen, unable to cry out. But still we try to find the way out and search for the light of eternity.

Days are passing by, times are changing. We don’t even realize how blue the sky is, though it will remain the same every single day. However, we live the present.

We will ignore the risk, and running free from now. Fears are no longer be our limits. And we ready to take another chance. If we can find the rhythm of time, we will surely fly so high.

In search of the light,
I’m now ready to begin my journey with you.

-Do As Infinity-

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