Show Me the Way

This holds some sort of religious/humanistic view: why are people, born so perfectly and innocent, so likely to turn around and do wrong? Show me the way to do right…

The only hiatus from the insanity and hypocrisy of the world is in sleep.

Original song by Styx
Every night I say a prayer
In the hopes that there’s a Heaven
And everyday I’m more confused
As the saints turn into sinners

All the heroes and legends
I knew as a child have fallen to idols of clay
And I feel this empty place inside
So afraid that I’ve lost my faith

Show me the way, show me the way
Take me tonight to the river
And wash my illusions away
Please show me the way

And as I slowly drift to sleep
For a moment dreams are sacred
I close my eyes and know that there’s peace
In a world so filled with hatred

That I wake up each morning and turn on the news
To find we’ve so far to go
And I keep on hoping for a sign
So afraid I just won’t know

Show me the way, show me the way
Bring me tonight to the mountain
And take my confusion away
And show me the way

And if I see a light, should I believe
Tell me how will I know

Show me the way, show me the way
Take me tonight to the river
And wash my illusions away

Show me the way, show me the way
Give me the strength and the courage
To believe that I’ll get there someday
And please show me the way

Every night I say a prayer
In the hopes that there’s a Heaven

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Master of the Wind

We are!
The Master of the Wind of our own life. In another phrase it means “the master of our own destiny, our own path to choose”.

It’s all about dreaming. If you feel like your dreams won’t come true and there is no hope for tomorrow, just remember the lines “for any day that stings, to better days it brings” that can also be translate into “every clouds have its silver lining”.
The dark clouds may pass above us and blocking the light of the sun, but we can see there in the edge of the clouds the sun is shining and make a beauty silver lining. Every bad (dark) situation has a good (bright) side. Here we say “nothing is as bad as it seems.”

And be sure that tomorrow is ours, because “there the road begins, where another one will end“. Yes! Time always change, time always move ahead! And so does time, the road will never ends. Even though it ends, we will always find ourself moving – walking – continuing – on a different road.

No need to worry because there will always a wind that brings fortunes to us. Lets strive for every of our dreams. The tunnel may have a lot of hardship but once we reach the light at the end, its all worth it. Gold is at the end of the rainbow; for each of us to find.

(Dedicated to the best silent metal ballad ever “Master of the Wind” by Manowar)

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I have killed the very previous me and live the current for this long. I have to once again kill the current me and get back to the very old me; the first me.

I miss myself. Actually, I miss being myself. I miss the moment when the precious words were spoken and embrace the silence.

I…. long for…. Reborn….

#Good night peeps (or good morning/afternoon depends on where you are). May we all be blessed with so much love.

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A Title, Please…

as I stare at the limited skies, I always have no limits dream
as I race for the limited time, I long for no limits love


His words are always sweet, tender with his typical kindness, but taste no warmth. something cold lies within. even though she asks clearly, nothing good will appear, so she starts to close her eyes before the coldness freeze her heart, then choose to smile.

It’s okay, it’s a white lie.

all is going to seem strange because I saw you from the distance, I should move closer to get in.

Take my hand, love. Get in, right here beside me so I can see your eyes and find the truth within. And listen to me; “we can go to whatever place. no matter what kind of place we’ll go to visit, we will always find treasures to be owned. Because I hold what you once told me; it’s not about what place you will go to visit, it’s all about with whom you go”

I won’t be afraid, no matter how tired I am, how hard the trip and how narrow the paths would be, I surely know how to find a compass to lead; a heart.

And all is back to him to choose, will he be afraid to take the trip? because the road which they take will be too long.

whenever I think about this, I feel like I’m ready to leave from now, and find the treasures myself.

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I’m now thinking about waiting.
Waiting for something I don’t even know what to wait for.
Now stop thinking!

#ambiguous thought

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Out of the BOX

Nothing of God’s creature have the angles. There’s only round, oval and curve. You may count it! Like this universe, every stars and planets. Yes, the planet which we live in. Is designed to be roamed. This is the big mistake to live inside a box and hit a wall. We must get out! That’s the point! 🙂

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Speak Up!

once told a wise word “silence is golden”
gold is shining, gold is sparkling, this is her language
this is her words

another wise word told “silence speaks a thousand words”
what kind of words? if it fills with words of sorrow I’d rather be noisy..

like this nature; the birds, the trees, the winds: the more she speaks, the more beauty she is.


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Hi, This is ME; Imagination!

Hello peeps, this is my first post, and there would be more posts to fill  this imaginary BLOK (blog book). Happy Reading! 🙂

To break the lines of reality, imagination is needed. Hell can be closer, but heaven will not wait.

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